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Metros, like this one in Egypt, are usually crowded, so riding the metro can be an exercise in letting go of personal space. In some locations, people spend days on the train to reach their destination. As missionaries roll across the countryside, children play with newfound friends, people swap stories, and the conductor sells ice cream. Passengers ride the train into the city of Mumbai, India. However, because railcars are often overfull, passengers have been hurt or even smothered.

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Cars are popular among the middle and upper class in South Asia. Here, this man drives on the left side of the road—a new skill that some missionaries must master. A guide helps push a car through mud during the rainy season in eastern Myanmar. Until recently, owning a car was too expensive for most East Asians. For the lower and middle classes, buses are affordable and accessible.

Even now, though the middle class has begun to buy cars, existing infrastructure does not allow for the increase in traffic. A busy intersection in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, is full of elaborately decorated matatus taking passengers in and out of the bustling business district. In Kenya, matatus are brightly colored buses or vans operated by private owners, or saccos. The price is fixed, so saccos advertise their rides with unique decorations. Matatus are called trotros in Ghana and are said to be not as crowded limited to fourteen people, theoretically or as dangerous as they use to be.

In Ghana, twelve- to twenty-four passenger vans are called trotros. These long bus rides in close quarters, a missionary in West Africa explained, can be great times for sharing the gospel.

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Passengers perch on a truck in Sub-Saharan Africa above or lounge, rumbling down a North African road below. Some missionaries serve where seatbelts are only a formality, and riding in the back of a truck with fourteen of your closest friends is an acceptable mode of transportation. A family rides a motorcycle on a street in Tehran, Iran. Motorbikes are a versatile and inexpensive means of transportation.

Although, [the bikes] are very dangerous. You learn to pray a lot when you drive in Asia. Driving a motorbike involves interacting with an ever-changing flow of traffic.

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One missionary recalls driving on a one-way street when another motorbike carrying fresh poultry came from the opposite direction, causing a crash and hurling thirty dead chickens into the air. A father rides a bicycle with his two daughters through the streets of Amsterdam. A cyclist in Krakow, Poland, braves a cold January afternoon during his trek through a forest. Photo by Kelvin Johnson.

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While we may not have the skills to fly around the world using our own strength, we can feel a bit like a bird by zip-lining through the trees. Channel your inner macaw as you breeze through the Costa Rican jungle much quicker than you could ever hike through the dense vegetation. There is, however, a giant nearly 2-mile zip-line in the UAE. What an Great Post. Very interesting topic of the time and I really thrilled to read this.

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