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An avid reader and dedicated student, she achieved twin degrees from Rajamangala University and has since added multiple specialist qualifications in food and hospitality.

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According to Jaruphat, the secret of her success lies in a keen eye for the strengths of others. Da Vinci Italian Restaurant Serving great value classic Italian Trattoria cuisine in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere.

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Miss Dr. Authentic Italian Cuisine A family-friendly Italian restaurant located on the 4th floor. Cuisine Type Italian. Atmosphere Family, Casual Dining. Dress Code Casual.

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Location 4th floor, Rembrandt Hotel. Hours Open Daily: - Information Please call or email davinci rembrandtbkk. The Offers from Da Vinci.

View Detail. The researchers also hypothesized that such a bridge would have stood on its own without any paste or material to hold the stone together. To test the sturdiness of the bridge, the team 3D printed blocks to represent the thousands of stone blocks the original bridge would have required.


Da Vinci's Forgotten Design for the Longest Bridge in the World Proves What a Genius He Was

Their model was times smaller than da Vinci's bridge design, which would have extended about feet meters. Though the da Vinci bridge would have been nearly four times shorter than the modern George Washington Bridge and 4. What's more, most bridge supports at the time were designed as a semicircular arch and would have required 10 or more piers to support that length of bridge, according to the statement.

Early period: Florence

But da Vinci's design was a single arch, flattened at the top, that would have been tall enough to allow sailboats to pass underneath. The researchers put together the 3D-printed blocks using a scaffold, but once they put the "keystone" at the top of the arch, they removed the scaffold, and the bridge kept standing.

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Graduate student Karly Bast sitting next to the model of da Vinci's bridge her and her team built. Da Vinci's design and the MIT scientists' model also included structures called abutments that extended outward on both sides of the ends of the bridge to stabilize it against side-to-side movements, likely because da Vinci knew the region was prone to earthquakes.

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Bast and her team built the bridge on two moving platforms. They stimulated what would happen when one platform moved away from the other, as can happen over time when heavy structures are built on weak soil.

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The bridge was resilient against the movement, though it deformed slightly after being stretched a lot. It's difficult to know," Bast said. But this testing of da Vinci's design suggests that he spent some time carefully thinking about it, she added.