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Published by edition apollon From: philobuch antiquariat susanne mayr Friedberg, Germany. About this Item: edition apollon, Seller Inventory Bestellnr. Published by Leipzig, Verlag Philipp Reclam, From: Antiquariat an der Nikolaikirche Leipzig, Germany. Condition: Gut.


Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: Gr. Published by Leipzig, Verlag Philipp Reclam Erste Ausgabe dieser umfangreichen Werksammlung des expressionischten Dichters Raabe , Condition: Used: Good. Umschlag berieben und angeschmutzt,Buch neuwertig. Ingbert, Germany. Dust Jacket Condition: mit Schutzumschlag. Erste Auflage dieser Ausgabe. OriginalPappband, OU. Minimale Gebrauchsspuren. Rheiner, Walter, Conrad [Ill.

From: Baues Verlag Bremen, Germany. Leicht berieben.

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Sonst sehr gut. From: Antiquariat Hoffmann Nordhorn, Germany. Seller Inventory Khe Published by Verlag Philipp Reclam jun. About this Item: Verlag Philipp Reclam jun.

Kokain Lyrik Prosa Briefe by Walter Rheiner

Condition: gut. Erste Aufl. Juni in Berlin-Charlottenburg war ein deutscher Schriftsteller des Expressionismus.

Rheiners uvre setzt sich aus etwa 80 Gedichten, der Novelle Kokain und ein paar Prosaskizzen zusammen. Seine verfasste Novelle Kokain erlebte als einziges Werk Nachauflagen. Wikipedia In deutscher Sprache. Seller Inventory BN Item added to your basket View basket.

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But when are we so completely healthy or invulnerable that pain cannot reach us? When could we call ourselves out of the reach of death? Where is there peace and justice, a condition without condemnation, that we could let sadness go from us with impunity? I want to stand at my own side when I scream or sink to the ground in convulsions. I am not prepared to let myself be put on trial as to whether I am a useful or an objectionable male animal. I have come into being and intend to make myself at home in the condition as I please.

Things are escalating quickly after the illiterate carpenter Klemens Fitte, the son of a prostitute, is telling one of the strangest stories you will ever read in your life: the story of Kebad Kenya, a man who wants to be buried alive and who makes his neighbors who will inherit his big fortune kill his favorite horse without any apparent reason. The story of Kebad Kenya leads the sailors to suspect that the coffin-shaped crates contain dead or living human bodies and they rush to break into the cargo room and open the first crate that proves surprisingly to be empty.

Is she hiding in the ship?

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  8. Has she jumped over board? Was she killed — and by whom? A search is started during which the ship is so damaged that it is sinking and the crew has to be evacuated. They climbed across the cargo toward the door by which they had entered. Gustav, in a last effort to come closer to the content of the cargo, threw himself down on one of the coffin-like crates. He made the effort, even if with dwindling will power and filled with a premonition of futility, to establish some sort of relationship with the mysterious thing. It seemed foolish to him, an error of human perception, that anything could remain hidden which could be approached until only a few centimeters lay between.

    But it was the usual thing to be struck with blindness. Who could recognize the sickness of his neighbor with his eyes even though it lay palpable under the skin? When Gustav arose from the crate a few seconds later, he had assured himself that the icy aura which filled the hold had infected the crates or, perhaps, they were its sources.

    He felt as if he had thrown himself down on the snows of a wintry field. And a white wraith of cold crept up to him. F luss ohne Ufe r River Without Banks has about pages of which only the first part is translated into English. True, T he Ship is a stand-alone novel. But still it is such a pity that this great and in many ways unique novel is not available in English.

    Guide Rausch und Kokain in der Lyrik Gottfried Benns (German Edition)

    It has been translated to French though. In a way, it is devastating and it might be one of these books that have the potential to change your life. Traditional concepts of moral, guilt, progress, are rejected. Man is not superior to the rest of the creatures, the animal is his equal and in many ways even superior.

    Approches, drogues et ivresse

    Jahnn was an early advocate of animal rights and also a leading figure in the movement against nuclear arms. But this is a pity, because despite all that, Jahnn is such a great author. He writes:. No matter in which direction Jahnn thinks, no matter which ways his painful heroes are pursuing, no matter which vision is lighting up in the moment: the aporia is indissoluble, the novel cannot be concluded, the artistic effort a failure.

    At the end, there is only darkness. That leaves a bitter taste. This is not very digestible. Where is the publisher that makes this masterpiece that has no similarity to any other novel, available to anglophone readers?

    The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications

    Things change when his fourth child, his son Menuchim is born. His father gives him much more attention than to the other children, in the hope that this will enhance his development, his mother Deborah is visiting a famous rabbi in the next town to ask his advice, while in the meantime even the usual household routine suffers:. When the children grow up, things go worse and worse for Mendel Singer. The only way to save his daughter from the path on which she was embarking seems for Mendel Singer the emigration to America.

    An invitation from Sam, who sends also the money for the ship tickets through his new American friend Mac, will make it possible. But there is a problem: the sick Menuchim cannot travel the immigration officers at Ellis Island would send whole families back in such cases. Mendel and Deborah make for themselves all kind of excuses.