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Policy Papers. Reinhard H.

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What to do in the Case of Mis-selling? Mehr Projekte Weniger Projekte. Aktuelles Forschungsteam. Financial Institutions. Data Center, Financial Institutions. Persistent Liquidity Shocks and Interbank Funding.

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Marcel Bluhm Journal of Financial Stability. Financial Institutions, Systemic Risk Lab. Evidence from Hurricane Katrina. Too-big-to-fail im Spannungsfeld von Wettbewerb und Regulierung. Much Ado about Nothing? Competition and Bank Stability. Rent-Seeking in Elite Networks. Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions. Financial Institutions, Transparency Lab. Banking Beyond Banks and Money. To Ring-Fence or Not, and How? Bail-In Clauses.

How Special Are They? Pro-Cyclical Capital Regulation and Lending. Vertragsrechtliche Fragen negativer Zinsen auf Einlagen. Systemic Risk Lab, Financial Institutions.

Risk spillovers, state-dependent sensitivity value-at-risk SDSVaR , quantile regression, financial institutions, hedge funds. Liquidity Coinsurance and Bank Capital. Tobias Niedrig Journal of Insurance Issues. Spillovers of Funding Dry-ups. What Drives Banks' Geographic Expansion? Jannic Cutura.

Finance Capitalism and Germany's Rise to Industrial Power by Caroline Fohlin

Vanessa Endrejat, Matthias Thiemann. Edin Ibrocevic, Matthias Thiemann. Bargaining with a Bank. Thomas Mosk. Carlo Wix. Remarks on the German Regulation of Crowdfunding.

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United in Diversity? Matthias Goldmann. Financial Institutions, Macro Finance. Deyan Radev. Commercial banks, global banks, wholesale shocks, solvency shocks, transmission, internal capital markets. Financial Markets, Financial Institutions. Financial System. Vahid Saadi. The Political Economy of Bank Bailouts. Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance.

Insurance Activities and Systemic Risk. Elia Berdin, Matteo Sottocornola. Marcel Bluhm. Tobias Niedrig.

Jens-Hinrich Binder. The Limits of Model-Based Regulation. Patrick Behr, Alejandro H.

Current Research Team

Drexler, Reint Gropp, Andre Guettler. Brigitte Haar. Did Consumers Want Less Debt? Evidence from the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Florian Hett, Alexander Schmidt. Transparency Lab, Financial Institutions. Holger Kraft, Alexander Schmidt. Completing Banking Union. Thomas Huertas. On the Change of the German Financial System. Diversity in Finance:An Overview. How demanding and consistent is the stress test design in comparison to previous exercises?

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Rainer Haselmann, Mark Wahrenburg. Jan Friedrich, Matthias Thiemann. Mark Wahrenburg. Financial Institutions, Household Finance. Florian Hett, Johannes Kasinger. Hans-Helmut Kotz, Reinhard H. Microfinance — Once and Today.

Financial Institutions, Financial Markets. On the Interplay of Banks and Markets. Non-bank financial intermediation, shadow banking, financial stability, systemic risk, financial regulation, low interest rate environment. Lost in Translation? Non-bank financial intermediation, interest-rate channel, credit channel, risk-taking channel of monetary policy, market-based financial intermediation, monetary transmission mechanism, waterbed effect. Patrick Behr, Reinhard H. Bank and non-bank financial intermediation, shadow banking, financial stability, systemic risk, financial regulation.

Douglas J. Elliott, Christian Rauch. Reint Gropp. Ester Faia. Cornelia Woll. Taxes, Banks and Financial Stability. Jan Pieter Krahnen. Effective Resolution of Banks: Problems and Solutions. Making Sense of the Comprehensive Assessment. Viral Acharya, Sascha Steffen. Sascha Steffen. Magdalena Ignatowski, Josef Korte. Bail-In jetzt richtig umsetzen. Implementing Bail-In Properly. Schlechte Erfahrungen.