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Desert Plantation will take you back in time by staying in this beautiful historic home. There have been tight restrictions placed on nomadization because of high population growth.

Desertification is exacerbated by human activity i. Some Tuareg are therefore experimenting with farming; some have been forced to abandon herding and seek jobs in towns and cities. Several Tuareg joined, including some from the Adrar des Iforas in northeastern Mali. The s' rebellion was a fight between a group of Tuareg and the newly independent state of Mali.

The Malian Army suppressed the revolt. Resentment among the Tuareg fueled the second uprising. This second or third uprising was in May Deadly clashes between Tuareg fighters with leaders such as Mano Dayak and the military of both countries followed, with deaths numbering well into the thousands.

Negotiations initiated by France and Algeria led to peace agreements 11 January in Mali and in Niger. Both agreements called for decentralization of national power and guaranteed the integration of Tuareg resistance fighters into the countries' respective national armies. Major fighting between the Tuareg resistance and government security forces ended after the and agreements. As of , sporadic fighting continued in Niger between government forces and Tuareg groups struggling for independence. In , a new surge in violence occurred. Since the development of Berberism in North Africa in the s, there has also been a Tuareg ethnic revival.

Since , three different flags have been designed to represent the Tuareg. The Tuareg traditionally adhered to the Berber mythology. Archaeological excavations of prehistoric tombs in the Maghreb have yielded skeletal remains that were painted with ochre. Although this ritual practice was known to the Iberomaurusians , the custom seems instead to have been primarily derived from the ensuing Capsian culture.

In , one such tomb was discovered south of Casablanca.


The monument was engraved with funerary inscriptions in the ancient Libyco-Berber writing script known as Tifinagh, which the Tuareg still use. During the medieval period, the Tuareg adopted Islam after its arrival with the Umayyad Caliphate in the 7th century. They have also retained elements of pre-Islamic cosmology and rituals, particularly Tuareg women. For example, Tuareg religious ceremonies contain allusions to matrilineal spirits, as well as to fertility, menstruation, the earth and ancestresses.

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The Tuaregs have been one of the influential ethnic groups who have helped spread Islam and its legacy in North Africa and the adjacent Sahel region. Inspired by these teachings, Ibn 'Umar's student Usman dan Fodio would go on to lead the Fulani jihads and establish the Sokoto Caliphate. The Tuareg society has traditionally featured clan membership, social status and caste hierarchies within each political confederation.

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Clans have been a historic part of the Tuaregs. The 7th century invasion of North Africa from the Middle East triggered an extensive migration of Tuaregs such as the Lemta and the Zarawa, along with other fellow pastoral Berbers. Each Tuareg clan tawshet is made up of family groups constituting a tribe, [43] each led by its chief, the amghar.

A series of tawsheten plural of tawshet may bond together under an Amenokal , forming a Kel clan confederation. Tuareg self-identification is related only to their specific Kel , which means "those of". For example, Kel Dinnig those of the east , Kel Ataram those of the west. The position of amghar is hereditary through a matrilineal principle, it is usual for the son of a sister of the incumbent chieftain to succeed to his position.

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The amenokal is elected in a ritual which differs between groups, the individual amghar who lead the clans making up the confederation usually have the deciding voice. According to Rasmussen, Tuareg society exhibits a blend of pre-Islamic and Islamic practices. Other, apparently newer customs include the practice of close-cousin endogamous marriages and polygyny in conformity with Islamic tenets. Polygyny, which has been witnessed among Tuareg chiefs and Islamic scholars, is in turn thought to be contrary to the pre-Islamic monogamous tradition of the nomadic Tuareg.

Tuareg society has featured caste hierarchies within each clan and political confederation. Traditionally, Tuareg society is hierarchical, with nobility and vassals. The linguist Karl-Gottfried Prasse indicates that the nobles constitute the highest caste. They have also collected tribute from their vassals. This warrior nobility has traditionally married within their caste, not to individuals in strata below their own. The vassal-herdsmen are the second free strata within Tuareg society, occupying a position just below that of the nobles.

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They pastured and tended their own herds as well those owned by the nobles of the confederation. A semi-noble strata of the Tuareg people has been the endogamous religious clerics, the marabouts Tuareg: Ineslemen , a loan word that means Muslim in Arabic.

In Niger and Mali, where the largest Tuareg populations are found, the artisan castes were attached as clients to a family of nobles or vassals, and carried messages over distances for their patron family. They also are the ones who traditionally sacrifice animals during Islamic festivals.

These social strata, like caste systems found in many parts of West Africa, included singers, musicians and story tellers of the Tuareg, who kept their oral traditions. One theory posits a Jewish derivation, a proposal that Prasse calls "a much vexed question". According to Rasmussen, the Tuareg castes are not only hierarchical, as each caste differs in mutual perception, food and eating behaviors. For example, she relates an explanation by a smith on why there is endogamy among Tuareg castes in Niger.