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It's towards the end of the movie where the Jews thanks Schindler for all the lives he saved and he breaks down weeping whilst he keeps saying; "I could have done more I could have saved more lives. I wish I could have done more. You did something beautiful and significant here Mariette. Thank you for sharing this special story.

Dearest Joan, Oh, you speak from the heart and it is all about how we treat the children, elderly and pets. You do have a HUGE and CARING heart yourself and let's hope it does have a ripple effect in life and that it will stimulate others to do the same or else, to support those that do good. Sending you hugs and thanks for your visit and kind words!

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This was a very informative, enlightening and heartwrenching post. You both should be so proud of the work you were able to do over the years and the lives you were able to touch. That really is what life is all about.


Giving back, making a difference. If only everyone in the world would open their eyes and see just how good they have it. If only everyone could share and live in peace? If only everyone could realize that more is not better. The world would be a better place. There's something to be said for living a simple life.

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  • Wishing you and Pieter the happiest of holidays. Dearest Tammy, You are the embodiment of sharing and reaching out to so many and it IS rewarding for living a simple life. Hence the title of your blog and mine We can only pray that more people will open their eyes! You too, enjoy being together during this special holiday. Hugs and peace, Mariette. I admire your spirit and tenacity, Mariette. I've traveled quite a bit as well, and it's not always as glamorous as people think.

    My hat's off to you!

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    Dearest Stacy, Thank you so much for your touching words Certainly you can speak from experience, you've lived abroad and traveled enough yourself. That makes us instantly rich inside our hearts and that will last us a lifetime but it is so hard for sharing that with the multitude Even family often has no clue what all those feelings and emotions are about.

    The vast majority of people kind of suppress any emotion with giving in to the commercialism of feeding by wanting, wanting always more. That never will satisfy for long as you only want more and more. We feel blessed for being content with our simple life and yet we feel tremendously blessed and rich inside! Hugs and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Mariette PS As for my tenacity, Pieter often has called me a Pitbull; I seldom let go when fighting for something like this It takes courage to do something like this dear Mariette and i respect you for it.

    How very nice of you to tackle this to share awareness and raise the much needed funds.

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    Dearest Pallavi, We never felt like it would take courage but we just DID it as someone needs to step in and fight for these underdogs. They have no voice and for sure they have no smart phones either I did not either at the time of those visits But thank you for your kind words! Dearest Mariette, This is a touching and profound post.

    This mission was truly our Christ operating in the flesh. This is the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing this mission of love for those poor souls. But you know, they are joyously elevated and whole in the eyes of our Lord. Sending you best wishes and our sincere affection for a Blessed Christmas.

    Pures Urlaubsfeeling auf Mykonos

    Love to you and Pieter, Ginger. Dearest Ginger, Touching and profound it sure is and also I had to get this off my chest so to speak. After having been there several times, one is for life affected by it What struck us most is that those people were in a way 'happy' because they belief in a life after this! One could learn a lot from them. You both also a Blessed Christmas and all the best. Hugs and love to you and Bob.

    Liebe Mariette, ich finde meinen Kommentar hier auch nicht. Ja, ich hatte alles gelesen und auch ein paar Zeilen geschrieben. Daran sollte sich jeder ein Beispiel nehmen.

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    Das ist meine Devise schon seit vielen Jahren. Und da gibt es so viele Baustellen, wo man helfen kann. Noch bin ich aber hier Liebe Sara, Ein voriger Kommentar gab es leider nicht Also im Vergleich mit die dritte Welt ist das noch sehr reich. Definitionen der Armut sind sehr unterschiedlich zwischen den Nationen. Reiche Nationen haben z. In Deutschland wird z.

    In der dritten Welt teilen oft drei Generationen miteinander was eine Person im Westen als seine minimale Mittel behauptet Geniesse das letzte Wochenende vom Jahr. On my first visit to the Sitanala Leprosy village for data and survey, I was warned by some of the resident for the possibility to be infected by them, but I just smiled to them as my 'mission' is to help them to change the public stigma they are facing. I visited their houses, talked to them. You can feel their enthusiasm for a changed and see their bright faces when fitted with the new prostheses.

    During the period prostheses were ordered and fitted to the ex patients of the hospital that are living in the Sintanala Village located adjacent to the Sintanala Hospital. This is the work of Rotary with the motto: Dearest John, Thanks for taking the time to reply here. Oh, those trips to the Sitanala Leprosy village and to the hospital we made several times and we never worried about being infected. Later, much later I learned that it is highly contagious by coughing, just like Tuberculosis.

    But we always trusted that somebody from above would be protecting us. It has changed our lives and still, we wish we could further change the public stigma. It very seldom reaches the media in a way that it would be educational and it almost looks like the world is rushing on, busy with its own things of want without ever looking back at those left behind It is because of people like you that call for some attention via social media, mentioning also the great work that Rotary has been doing. May God Bless You Always! Thanks for your visit and comment.

    Subscribe in a reader. Here I would love to share with you our travels and adventures as international consultants. Why we love the southeast of the United States and moved back from Italy. Our love for gardening, the botanical way. Sharing with you our manifold treasures from exotic places and even offering several at Spectrenoir: I also do classes and consulting Check out my google.

    So many people have told us that they envied us for all our travels. Well, let me share with you our trip 3 to Indonesia for Consulting.

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    That's right - NOT vacation! It was the exact same day that Princess Diana was staying in Jakarta, she did visit the Sitanala Leprosy hospital to shake hands with those patients in order to tackle the stigma. We had no idea that we were spending those two nights in Jakarta while Princess Diana was there at the same time. Below you see me at the very same Leprosy hospital where Diana visited, only several years later This is on November 16, and trip 19 to Indonesia for work.